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Ever noticed how your contact list can grow uncontrollably to the point that you don’t even know what or whose information you have saved? Well, FCorp - ID Book is here to help you with that annoying problem. This app helps you easily manage all your contacts with their respective info.

FCorp - ID Book lets you add a new contact to your list along with all kinds of info such as name, last name, nickname, date of birth, zodiac sign, blood type, occupation, address, phone number, fax number, BB pin number, email, webpage, social network profiles, and more. You can also add a picture of your new contact so you can quickly glance through your list and find who you’re looking for.

Every time you add a new contact to FCorp - ID Book just fill in the info you've got on hand, as the app won’t ask you to fill a minimum number of fields. If you need to look for a specific contact but can’t remember their name or last name, just type in any piece of information about them you do remember. Make your life a lot easier with FCorp - ID Book.
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